A warm welcome to Klinik Meissenberg – Switzerlands unique specialised psychiatric and psychotherapeutic hospital exclusively for women

For over 90 years, Klinik Meissenberg AG has been Switzerland’s only recognised specialised psychiatric and psychotherapeutic hospital for women. With 74 inpatient treatment places, we treat patients with general and supplementary health insurance from Switzerland and abroad. As a list hospital we also provide services under the psychiatric agreement between Zug, Schwyz and Uri – including the acceptance of adolescent women on a case-by-case basis – and for the cantons of Zurich and Glarus.

Our hospital is situated in a peaceful location on the southern outskirts of Zug, at the foot of the Zugerberg. The site includes a beautiful park with stunning views over Lake Zug and the Alps.

In good hands services

Outpatient department

In our outpatient department, we promptly carry out preliminary consultations with patients planning inpatient treatment. In these consultations, our patients are able to fully familiarise themselves with our treatment programmes. For certain conditions, there is also the option of further outpatient treatment for a limited period following an inpatient stay with us.

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Villa Paracelsus private department

For patients with supplementary insurance, we offer personalised treatment that takes a comprehensive, holistic and interdisciplinary approach for a variety of different mental health disorders. From a psychotherapy perspective, we believe in the importance of an integrated approach that adopts elements from schema therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and others.

Our villa has its own garden area and a large terrace with a beautiful view over Lake Zug. Here you can enjoy an exclusive, sophisticated atmosphere, with one- and two-bed rooms available and an expanded

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Depression and Burnout

By taking a relationship-focused approach to affective issues and stress-related complaints, we engage with our patients on different levels to promote mindfulness and self-care, restore health and foster a sense-oriented outlook. We work in an integrative and holistic manner and take psychotherapeutic elements, such as the Cognitive Behavioural Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP) into account, combining this with interventions based on mindfulness.

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Somatic stress and eating disorders

For psychosomatic stress disorders that are specific to women and gynaecology, as well as pain and eating disorders, we offer intensive, comprehensive and tailored psychotherapy that is accompanied by cautious medicinal treatment and bolstered by dietary advice. Our strategies promote the recovery process and support this in the long term.

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Anxiety and regulating emotions

For young women with emotional dysregulation (depressive disorders, borderline and other personality disorders, post-traumatic stress and dissociative disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, ADHD), we focus on long-term treatment with intensive, behavioural and integrative approaches based on dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT).

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Crisis Management

Our crisis management department can be closed on an optional basis and offers immediate offers immediate help to those undergoing acute crises and mental health situations that require continuous support in a sheltered environment.

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We offer expertise

Our personal treatment approach and stringent quality requirements are at the core of our treatment concept. Our interdisciplinary treatment team works closely together to ensure that we provide a safe, respectful treatment environment where our patients benefit from a multimodal therapy programme that is adapted to their individual needs.

Our treatment is based on the core pillars of intensive, high-frequency and modern psychotherapy, and biological therapies. By bringing together a range of creative and body-oriented therapeutic approaches, we give our patients access to various personalised experiences and hone our resources and competencies so that new steps can be taken towards beneficial change.

This also includes support from our in-house social counselling team and personalised time planning for the time after the hospital stay.